Yoga helps you live in symbiosis
with nature

Meditation: Sitting and focusing even for a short amount of time can cause the reduction of stress in the body. Meditation doesn't have to be done sitting still. There are many forms of movement meditations from dance to yoga that can allow even the biggest skeptics to feel the benefits. Try sitting for 3 min focusing on your breathing pattern. Don't change the pattern just be aware of it. The moment you notice your mind wandering off just gently remind yourself to watch the breath again.

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Breathing: Deep breathing can help you access your parasympathetic nervous system. It calms the body and helps activate the relaxation response allowing you to feel less agitated and more relaxed. Try it. Set a timer for two minutes, sit up tall. Try and breath in and out through your nose. Try lengthening the exhale to be two parts longer than your inhale. Make the breath easy and repeatable. Notice how you feel.

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Exercise: Exercise lowers the stress hormone in the body cortisol. It also helps release endorphins which help improve your overall mood and mindset. Try it get up go for a 5 min walk around the block. Do some jumping jacks or a few pushups. Make more movement part of your day by building it in. I like to do this by walking my kids to school or parking the furthest from the store rather than the closest.

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Thai Massage: Thai Massage is a fantastic way to lower your current stress levels. There's nothing quite like being cared for by another human being to help us relax and take the edge off. Physical touch has been found not only to be necessary in our development but also in helping us manage and relieve tension levels in our bodies.

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Breathing is a foundation of Yoga. Controlled breathing has the ability to increase energy, relieve stress, improve mental clarity, and improve physical health.


Sit up tall or lay down on your back comfortably. Take a big breath in and slowly let it out.


As you slowly release the breath from your body gently turn your head from side to side.


Notice the feeling in your neck and shoulders if you discover any tightness or tension try and soften it or even let it go.

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  • Samantha Schmidt
    If you’re looking for an amazing massage I can highly recommend Phillip Fulton’s Thai yoga massages. His strategies work together to release muscle tension from stress and athletic activity. As a ballet dancer who trains six days a week, I benefited immensely from this session. I was left feeling relaxed and recovered- ready to continue my intense exercise schedule. Phil is extremely conscientious and careful with what he does. It is definitely worth trying if you have sore or tight muscles!
    Samantha Schmidt
  • Lauren Nicole
    I have been receiving Thai Yoga Massages from Philip for a couple of years now. I can't recommend this experience enough! It is a very healing blend of yoga, massage, pressure point work & meditation. My body and mind are able to fully relax for the entire session and I have seen expansive growth in my mobility because of it. I feel very safe with Phil as he moves me in and out of different postures and I always leave feeling better than when I started. There is this "thai yoga high" I always tend to leave with, which sets the rest of my day up with a positive and peaceful mind space. Just try it and see for yourself!
    Lauren Nicole
  • Mona Hughes
    This is the most amazing massage I've ever had. At the end of my first Thai massage, which was well over 5 years ago, I couldn't tell where my body ended and the mat began. I was floating for hours.He moves and manipulates my body is in a very organic way but it is nothing I could do on my own. I always tell him if I were a dog, my tail would be wagging incessantly!The effects, both physical and emotional, are long-lasting. My only complaint is that I can't get a Thai massage from Phil every day.Try it, it will change your life.
    Mona Hughes
  • Jessie Blyler
    I will start by saying, I have tried various methods over the years to heal my injuries. I have always gone back to pain and even left traditional massage very sore and discouraged. Since my Thai Yoga massage with Phil, I finally have hope for the first time in a long time that I will be able to heal and move forward to get stronger in my neck and upper body. Thai Yoga massage is the perfect pair to your yoga practice. I left my session feeling restored and with tons of energy. Thank you Phil, Jessie
    Jessie Blyler
  • Ann-Louise Miranda
    if you're in need of a tune-up I highly recommend Phil. He is so knowledgeable and a very intuitive Thai massage practitioner. He’s helped me resolve shoulder pain and sciatic problems many times. Because Phil is such a genuine and heartfelt human- I’ve always felt very safe and totally comfortable with him, which I believe allows me to receive maximum benefit from the massage. And I always feel so peaceful and re-calibrated after my sessions with Phil. Whether you are an athlete or just need to release tension and tightness, Phil is your Thai Yoga Massage guy.
    Ann-Louise Miranda
  • Barbie De H
    When I got a Thai massage from Phil I had to call someone to pick me up. I had driven myself and was so relaxed and euphoric I was unable to drive myself home. It’s the best time and money spent. You won’t regret it!
    Barbie De H


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